CTM2PROTECT Protect your trademark in the 28 countries of the European Union!


CTM2Protect in 7 questions

What is CTM2Protect?

As an IP attorney from a non-EU country you need the assistance of a trademark attorney from an EU country when filing a EU application. The usual professional fees for filing and registration of a European Union Trade Mark range between € 500 and € 800 on top of the official application and registration fees. CTM2Protect is a system which enables you to file a European Union trademark through our website for only a small professional fee.

Who can use CTM2Protect?

In fact CTM2Protect can be used by anybody interested in protecting a trademark in the European Union. However, the system is particularly aiming at trademark attorneys (whether working in-house or with professional firms) of non EU-countries like Australia, Canada, China, Japan or the USA.

Why using CTM2Protect?

This system enables you to protect your own or your client’s trademark in a huge market for a very competitive fee. Because you have experience with filing and prosecuting trademark applications in your own jurisdiction, it will be easy for you to complete the form. The prosecution and registration costs are also kept at a minimum; you can either choose to instruct us to deal with any possible office actions for a reasonable hourly fee or to respond to office actions yourself with us as your intermediary for a nominal fee.

We are confident that no professional law firm within the European Union is offering the same service for such a competitive fee.

How to use CTM2Protect?

You start by completing the APPLICATION FORM in English with details about the trademark and the applicant, including the list of goods and services. Unless we receive your instructions to the contrary, we will file the application in Dutch (translation cost only € 50) so that possible oppositions will be filed in English. You pay the filing fees and we will file the application immediately upon receipt of your electronical wire transfer. All correspondence (except for the transmission of the registration certificate) will be by email.

Why do we recommend `going Dutch´ when filing the application?

EUIPO’s official languages for all proceedings, are the more widely spoken languages within the EC, namely Spanish, German, English, French and Italian. However, EU applications can be filed in any of the “smaller” languages of the EC, such as Dutch. The Dutch language cannot be used during opposition proceedings. When filing a EU application two languages have to be indicated. If these languages are two of the five official languages, a possible opposing party can choose between the two indicated languages for filing an opposition. If however Dutch is chosen as the first language and English as the second language, opposition proceedings can only be in English. This saves you possible translation cost. Of course this is only a recommendation. If desired you can also instruct us to file the EU application in English and mention one of the other official languages as second language.

Why do I have to pay the filing fees within 2 weeks?

Because we are working against a moderate professional filing fee of only € 350 we are only prepared to advance the official fees of € 850 for a limited period. For this reason we ask you to settle the invoice which you receive after completing the application form at your earliest convenience and not later than 2 weeks after the application date. Payment has to be made electronically and all banking charges have to be paid by yourselves (please indicate “OUR”).

Who is behind CTM2Protect?

This website has been designed by Dutch IP firm Landmark (www.landmark.eu). Landmark is a young professional niche firm with trademark attorneys who have extensive experience in filing and prosecuting European Union Trade Mark applications.

Do you have other questions about CTM2Protect? Please send us an email: info@ctm2protect.eu